Wood's Earth

“Wood’s Earth is not your ordinary garden site. Nestled on a glacial delta between a state park and a brewery, there is much more to offer than just growing organic produce. Community and education merge to cultivate food, beauty and stewards of the land.

The name Wood’s Earth Living Classroom describes our physical setting, our philosophy of respect for the natural landscape, and our overall mission of facilitating responsible land use for learning and mentorship. The term “wood’s earth” can be found in a Google search, but only in sentences – there are no formal definitions. From context clues, it seems to mean balanced, loamy soil born from decomposed forest matter, such as leaves and wood.

We involve a variety of composted organic materials to build up the soil, including topsoil and composts. A drip irrigation system runs from a ground-fed spring, saving gardeners time from watering their plots. Black locust posts harvested just up the road for sustainable forest management hold up the deer fence, and bent ash saplings form the greenhouse frame.” (Source)