Friends in Service Helping (FISH)

FISH, an acronym for Friends in Service Helping, is a non-profit organization in Tompkins County. FISH volunteers provide rides to Tompkins County residents in need of medical and health related services that are within Tompkins County. All rides are smoke-free, private, confidential and comfortable. FISH primarily serves elderly citizens who may be frail or who no longer drive, and Tompkins County residents who have limited transportation options and resources. FISH has been in Tompkins County since 1966 having been started by members of St John's Episcopal Church. Today FISH is non-sectarian, non- discriminatory, 501c3 agency that is governed by a six member Board of Directors.

How does FISH work? When a client needs a ride, they phone the 211 help line or 1-877-211-8667 and provide the necessary information. FISH has a schedule of monthly telephoners and drivers. On their appointed day, the telephoner receives request that have come into the 211 help line, and then contacts the scheduled driver. Drivers then contact the client to confirm times and make pick-up arrangements. Most drivers volunteer for 2-3 days during the month, and many are on the "substitute list" The driver will drive the client to the appointment and either wait for them to finish or return to pick them up at an agreed upon time.

FISH is in need of more volunteers! In 2014 FISHdrivers drove over 10,000 miles and served over 400 clients. There is a growing demand for our services, due to the expanding range of medical services offered in Tompkins County, the aging of our population, and the economic issues of many people in the county. Drivers and telephoners who can participate in FISH two days a month are urgently needed.

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