Multicultural Resource Center

Multicultural Resource Center engages in cultural and systemic transformation by building with our communities to eliminate barriers to racial justice, cultural dignity, equity and inclusion, and indigenous rights.

The MRC was formed in 1987 by Marcia Fort, a woman of color & leader in the community and Eileen Brown a white ally, as a project of the Greater Ithaca Activities Center (GIAC). It formed to address the lack of ethnic, cultural cross-community understanding in schools and communities in Ithaca by starting a multicultural resource library located in the Beverly J. Martin public elementary school. The MRC’s transformative programs, events, and projects are conducted by several coordinators and community organizers, as well as supported by student interns and community volunteers.

How to Help? If you would like to be involved in the work of MRC, or might simply enjoy learning more about what MRC can offer you, please feel free to contact They can be found on Facebook at @mrcithaca or on Instagram at @ultimate_reentry_oppotunity.