Cornell Cross-Cultural Adoptee Mentorship Program

C-CAMP serves the unique needs of Ithaca's large transcultural adoptive community by fostering interest and understanding of the adopted youths' racial identity and cultural heritage. C-CAMP achieves this by pairing transculturally adopted youth with Cornell student mentors of a similar cultural background, conducting one-on-one meetings between the mentor and mentee, and by holding cultural-interest events throughout the semester. Currently, we have 15-20 ongoing mentor-mentee pairings each of which is unique and adapted to fit the childrens' interests and personality.  During meetings, mentors provide an informal and fun learning environment so that the children can both have fun and learn about their racial identity, cultural heritage, and ethnic language. C-CAMP board members also organize group events, which allow all current and interested members to gather for fun and educational activities. C-CAMP is also working towards education and outreach events to appeal to the general public.