History in Tompkins County

In the 20th century, industry/manufacturing was a large part of the economy with companies such as Emerson Power Transmission, Ithaca Gun Company, Borg Warner Automotive, and General Electric. Lead contamination from gun company manufacturing caused its Fall Creek location to shut down in the early 2000s. Ithaca also has a relatively high cost of living (read about this here).

Image by  Ithacash

Image by Ithacash

Current Status

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics for Ithaca, NY, as of September 2016, there is a 3.7% unemployment rate in Tompkins County. The industrial manufacturing trend has decreased over the past 16 years. Currently, most jobs in Ithaca are in Education and Health Services. The Forbes Business Report ranked Ithaca #6 for best small places for business and careers.

There is a huge movement for a living wage for workers, revitalizing downtown in the commons, encouraging and promoting small business start-ups in Ithaca, and promoting local shopping.

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